Mimesis AA – Pt III

Version 2
Quick overview of what I did last night. I was working on a way to align the drum and wheels – as I said these parts are so small that it was difficult when I had an Epiphany (of sorts .. it was a small one) – the result is the ‘lug’ I added.

  • Fuzed the two inner and outer wheels into one for the dualie.
  • Removed the boss on the back of the drums, simplified the around around the drum hub
  • made the axle hole in the drum 1/8″ long
  • added a lug to the drum and wheels so they will lock together.
Dualie w/lug
Dualie_w_LugThe main reason that I wanted a separate print of the tire, wheel and drum was so I could paint each separately. So – when I was considering how to align the inner and outer wheels on a dualie I realized that I could simply fuse them together into one ‘dualie’ print.

Here, we are looking at a section of the dualie wheel-set. I colored the lug so it would stand out. This will lock with a mirrored lug on the drum.

Wheel w/lug
Wheel_w_LugIn a similar fashion, the front wheel has also had a lug added to the other side of the wheel. You can just see a lug nut peeking through the center of the wheel.
Drum w/lug
Drum_w_LugHere’s a section view through the drum. The ‘lug’ is actually that part of the drum that the wheel mounts to and out of which the lug bolts stick. What I did was spit this in half .. half on the drum and half on the wheel. That leaves just that little lug on the wheels that will need to be painted with a brush. Easy.

You can see the axle hole. This only extends 1/8″ into the drum – but that should be enough as long as there is a snug fit between it and the axle.

To Do
Brake Drum – solid
Drum_partHere’s a look at the drum .. side and back. There are several things I may do with this …

  • Missing are the lugs sticking out of the drum boss. Hmmmm. There is no way that I am going to print them. At 1/2″ .. in O scale that would only be about 0.010″ – below the minimum wall thickness in FUD. What I could do though is print the holes the lugs fit into (complicated but Shapeways sees a difference between ‘minimum wall thickness’ . .which it would apply to a lug/cylinder sticking out .. and a hole – which it would apply the ‘minimum detail’ size to.) I doubt that the holes would really print but you might get a dimple you could use as a guide for a drill. That way you could add individual lugs with wire. Might sound silly but remember .. this would be a little detail laying around. Whether it worked or now it wouldn’t take much to add to the mesh.
  • The back of the drum is just a flat area with the hole for the axle shaft. This needs to be hollowed out .. the drum after all is basically a cylinder that the brake shoes ride against with one end capped off.
Brake Drum – Hollowed Out
Dismounted_Drum_Pmm.. and … here we go. I added the holes for the lug nuts. whether they print or not .. it took little to punch the holes through the mesh. If they print fine .. and they might. The back has been hollowed out as much as I could and still stay within the printing requirements (talking wall thickness). These would be used in a scene either as junk .. or sitting on a shelf with other parts.

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