O scale Rowboat

I created this O scale rowboat and had it printed at Shapeways in FUD. This close-up photo with a penny for a size comparison.

The close-up shows very well the layering from the printing. This isn’t very thick .. perhaps a few 10-thousands and is easily sanded off.

I took the opportunity to do a lot of weathering on the boat. Not sure but I think it was to show that even something really small can be a model in it’s own right. In any case .. here’s the process:

  • Primer: I used some primer I got from WalMart. ‘HomeShades’ grey – it appears to be the cheapest .. which is a good thing for modelers since ‘cheap’ usually means thin.
  • Hairspray: TreSemmé Tres Two. I applied two coats making sure they were well dry.
  • Interior paint: Flat white, again from WalMart, their cheap stuff.
  • Exterior paint: valspar satin Leafy Rise (green)
  • Chipping: let dry for about an hour and then using a stiff brush and water, I chipped the boat. Came out pretty good – had to use a pretty stiff brush.
  • Wash: Used vallejo Dark Grey thinned with water
  • OPR: Used two Mig oils – ‘Light Mud’ for the bottom of the boat and some ‘Engine Grease’ in the corners
Here’s a quick and dirty design for a sling. Need something to hold the rowboat off of the water when hanging from the davit. This is just a guide if the actual model doesn’t follow exactly.