Posting to your Page

Here’s how it works.

You request that I create a page for you to display your work, to blog etc. Normally I would suggest using your own name but there are those who want/need to fly ‘under the radar’ .. and you can give me alternate. I have a form under the Contacts tabRequest Modeler’s Page. You need to Register first though and get a Username. Keep reading about that.

How long will this go on? Donno. I suspect that at some point my web-host might threaten me .. just have to see how that goes. 🙂

On the left side there is the Login link. The Red Arrow is pointing at the Login. Click that. If you haven’t registered yet you will need to do that first of course – the Register is just above the Login. I would suggest you take a moment to think about the login name you use .. just saying.

When you click the Login you are taken to the WordPress login page. There if you wish, you can check the ‘Remember Me’ box so you can bypass this in the future. I don’t suggest you do that on a public computer! 🙂

For this illustration I used ‘TestGuy’. After I logged in .. and came back to the website I see this. You can goto ‘Site Admin’ .. that’s where you post from, edit those posts, modify your profile etc. .. or Log out
– Click ‘Site Admin’. This takes you to the Dashboard. I have a bit of it shown to the right that will concern you.

  • StatCounter Stats – means nothing to you. That is a link to a service that logs in all kinds of data such as what pages were visited, where did the visitor come from, what operating system etc. .. you can ignore it .. or visit the website to play around.
  • Posts – click this and you get two choices – All Posts and Add New. If you select All Posts (or just click the Posts) you will have a listing of all the posts you have made. You can edit or delete them as you wish. Selecting Add New lets you do just that .. add a new post
  • Media – as you add photos they will appear here so you have access to them.
  • Comments – this allows you to Unapprove/Approve, Edit, declare as Spam or Trash comment. I am leaving this as a selection for now but I ask that you only ‘adjust’ comments to your own posts (that means that I haven’t figured out how to restrict you to modifying just YOUR comments. If I do I will change that!)
  • Profile – just go through the screen. It is pretty self-explanatory. Note that the ONE THING you CANNOT change is your Username. That’s why I suggested you think about it before selecting one. Avatars: WordPress uses Gravatar. This is an excellent service. You register your email address you use to post to Blogs .. and upload an Avatar. From then on .. any Blog that uses Gravatars (many do) .. and use use that email address your Avatar is automatically used. Cool.
  • Tools – self explanatory.
  • Sharing – ummm .. shrug.
Let’s walk through making a post. That’s the whole reason for this after all.
Clicking the Add New takes you to the Add New Post screen.

At the top is where you enter title. The post itself is entered into the main screen area. Above that is a series of icons .. hovering over them with the mouse brings up an explanation. On the far right there are two tabs .. Visual and HTML. Me personally .. I never use the Visual tab as I prefer the control I have with HTML. Up to you. On the far right you will see Format. There you can select something other then the Standard post. Tom Conboy used the Gallery format for his first post. I hardly ever use anything other then the Standard .. again because I use the HTML.

Categories. This is important.

You post needs to have at minimum .. YOUR SPECIFIC CATEGORY. Examples:

TestGuy – his personal category is TestGuy
Steve Pye – his personal category is SteveP
Tom Conboy – his personal category is otmodelrr
Patrick Welch – his personal category is proto48patrick

When I set up a page for a modeler, it is set to display ONLY the posts with the personal category for that person. When Tom Conboy publishes a post his adds the otmodelrr category. This means that that post will appear on his page.

Now. Tom has a model railroad .. the Owensville Terminal RR. If he was talking about his OTRR .. he might also include the category – Model Railroading. What use is this? Well .. if you look on the main page – just under the Login is Categories. You can for example .. select – Model Railroading .. and if any post .. by anyone has the category Model Railroading as a Category it will be listed. Pretty nifty.

Have I covered everything? I doubt it. You can ask questions though ..

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