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Structures using CAD, Paper, Foam Core, Strip Wood and Styrene
This is the clinic I will give at the SouthEastern Regiion Convention June 5-6, 2015 in Greenville, SC. The link is to the Powerpoint presentation

Structures using CAD, Paper, Foam Core, Strip Wood and Styrene

Scenery Clinic
I gave a Scenery Clinic at a TCA meet. The clock was on using common materials for scenery .. using insulation foam, sheetrock, Paver Base, ground foam, static grass and such. This is the two handouts I had:

Scenic Materials
Styrofoam Rocks

Wooden Pier
I wanted/needed a pier for my layout and a small extension (6′ x 21″) gave me the opportunity. Using what I like to call “pseudo-engineering” I followed the design of a railroad trestle from “A Treatise on Wooden Trestle Bridges” pub 1897; information from “Wharves and piers: their design and construction and equipment“; and finally Army TM 5-551B titled “Carpenter”.

I thought it interesting that these PDFs show the extreme differences between the various scales. My pier was built in O scale (1:48) .. the thought of doing so in Z Scale is mind boggling. In T Scale .. :/

O Scale
HO Scale
N Scale
Z Scale
T Scale

Loading Dock
A Loading Platform for Model Railway

That was the title of this article in the July 1938 issue of Popular Science. The drawing shows only one side of the platform but if you notice it gives the total length as 77ft .. with a platform length of 30ft .. and a ramp measuring 23ft .. that pretty much tells me that there is a ramp on the other end.

I copied the drawing to Sketchup so I could create some plans. One of the cool things about using Sketchup for this is that if I create the object full-size then I can generate plans in any scale. Pretty nifty .. I think.
Downloads: I have the plans full-sized for O, HO and N scales. Please let me know any problems or other comments.

O Scale Loading Platform
HO Scale Loading Platform
N Scale Loading Platform

Wooden Vehicular Bridge
With my pier built (pretty much) – I need a small bridge to bridge (pun intended) the gap between the land and the pier. In fact .. finishing the pier depends in part on installing the vehicular bridge. I copied the design from Army TM 5-51B Carpenter – Chapter 10 – Nonstandard Fixed Bridge

Just for fun .. was playing around with generating printable top, front and end views of the bridge in various scales. If nothing else .. gives an amusing look at what it would size-to in the different scales. You will probably have to scroll up as it ‘printed’ to the center of the page.


Jukes Boat Livery
Jukes 2Thom Miecznikowski of Clever Models put together a little kit which he gave away during our live chat, at the Whistle Stop (Saturday night 10PM Eastern). Bob Bruce built it .. and created boats to go with it. Excellent!

Thom put Bob’s file up on his Freebies page as a JPG. The problem that may arise with this is that a .jpg is just a graphic. How your printer prints it is dependent on the printer, the resolution it is printing at etc.

To get around that I printed the .jpg to a ‘virtual PDF printer’ – a very useful piece of (free) software, CutePDF Writer installs itself as a “printer subsystem”. This means that any Windows application that can print can create a PDF. Sweet!

I’ll put this up for download until Thom makes my pdf versions available –

Row Boat by Bob Bruce.jpg <- on Clever Models Freebie Page O Scale version in PDF
HO Scale version in PDF


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