Bridges and Piers


Pier and Dock The Deep River RR Pier and Dock – in this case it’s both. From my understanding (minimal) .. the pier is the structure supported on piles and the dock is the area of water alongside where the … Continue reading

Wooden Vehicular Bridge

Concept With my pier built (pretty much) – I need a small bridge to bridge (pun intended) the gap between the land and the pier. In fact .. finishing the pier depends in part on installing the vehicular bridge. I … Continue reading

On18 Trestle

The Gap I have a gap that I will need to span for my On18 line. It starts from the cliffs on one side and will cross the gap to the other (duh). In this photo taken at an earlier … Continue reading

Wooden Trestle Resources

Books Economical designing of timber trestle bridges – A.L. Johnston – 1902 A treatise on wooden trestle bridges according to the present practice on American railroads – Wolcott Cronk Foster – 1897 … Continue reading

On18 Concrete Bridge

I had originally planted to put a plate-girder bridge in this location but kept putting it off for later .. until later arrived. The day before leaving for the National Narrow Gauge Convention in Hickory NC I jumped through my … Continue reading

On18 City Bridge

Safe Harbor Statement I am not an engineer. The following is what I call “Imagineering” .. I am just having fun reading from books dating from the late 1800’s to the early 1900’s and applying what I can to my … Continue reading

On18 Wooden Bridge

Shortline Modelers Lounge Article Shawn Branstetter wrote an article on constructing a small bridge – Small Wooden Bridge – A One Night Project. Shawn’s little bridge only spanned a short distance. I needed to span a greater distance but I … Continue reading

On30 Plate Girder Bridge

The Central Valley Model Works Plate Girder Bridge This was origianlly a thread on Railroad Line Forums titled – L&CRR Plate Girder Bridge Just down from where the pump house was a need for a bridge. The On30 track that … Continue reading

Boller & Hodge Bridge Shoe

Boller & Hodge Standard I found a drawing of a bridge shoe that looked like it would work for what I needed. (meaning it was simple enough). I found this is a book titled “Types and Details of Bridge Construction: … Continue reading

Concrete Abutment

A Basic Abutment In “Railroad Structures and Estimates” Chapter VI “Bridges, Trestles, and Culverts” there is a drawing of an Abutment and a table showing dimensions for the bridge seat depending on the type of bridge and length. This book … Continue reading

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