B & H Bridge Shoe – Part II

Version 1
My first version was more of a B&H type then a direct copy. I wanted to get them 3d printed so I needed drawings .. but had no burning desire (at the time) to make an exact copy of the Boller & Hodge shoe.

The drawing shows a shoe approximately 16″ x 16″ x 6″. My ‘version’ came out to about 18″ x 13″ x 10″ .. so it is .. ‘sorta kinda’ the size. The original (and real) bridge shoe had a 51,000 pound capacity (16x16x200=51,200) so my ‘assumption’ (which I can do since this is all fantasy anyhoo) .. is my bridge shoe has a similar capacity – 18x13x200=46,800 pound capacity.

Looking back I notice that I failed to put any fillets in the model .. but (insert shrug) .. this was at an earlier time when I had less practice with Sketchup.

3d Print
This is the bridge shoe as I received it from Shapeways. I love this stuff.
The last thing was to fix what I had messed up. Remember, I made the bridge seat way low as I had read the dimensions from the wrong column. I just figured they would have (in a similar circumstance) knocked together a riser from channel iron. I fiddled around a bit until I was happy with the result.
I was looking and realized I hadn’t posted up a photo of the finished shoe – so here you go.

Looking at the photo closely .. they are great for that .. I see that I need to remove some fuzz .. and REALLY need to insert a thin spacer between the shoe and bridge. All in all though I think it came out pretty good.

Version 3
I re-worked the above design so that it would print in WSF (White Strong and Flexible). This is a Nylon material and MUCH MUCH stronger then FUD. The problem though is that the minimum wall thickness is .7mm – more then twice the .3mm minimum wall thickness of FUD. That makes the walls of the shoe a little thicker but acceptable I think.

I put up two sets on Shapeways –

SW Shoe WSF 36ea

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