DRRR Pier – Part IX

Spiking the Deck
In Part – VI I talked about the deck spikes – 3/8″ spikes have a head dia of around 1″ and in O scale that’s .020″. That means I could use .020″ Styrene rod. With it inserted all the way into the wood with just the end showing it will simulate that spike head.

In the photo to the left I have drilled holes at the locations for the spikes and am inserting short length of Styrene rod. I then painted the top with some burnt umber enamel – any darkish color would work and after it dried shoved it all the way in flush. I then flipped the board over and put a touch of super glue on the back. That worked ok for a board .. but you have to be careful not to get paint on the boards or glue you finger to them.

I found a better way when I got to ‘spiking’ the ties down. I took a scrap piece of strip-wood where the thickness was about 1/2 the length of the Styrene ‘spikes’ and drilled holes in it. I could then insert the ‘spikes’ .. paint them. When dry I pull them out one at a time – dip the end in white glue and insert in the holes I have drilled. Works lots better.
Here I’ve started the deck. The heads of the spikes are pretty obvious in this photo .. but I think in reality they are about ‘just right’ .. small enough that they aren’t that noticeable but large enough to add that ‘something’ .. whatever ‘that’ is to the overall scene.
Notching Ties
The ties were all dapped .020″. That dapping or notching allows the bridge timbers to fit together much as a set of Lincoln logs do. In this case, a scale 1-inch dap. Above the stack of waiting ties you can see a couple already glued down. Each of those is directly over a cap. There will be six ties spaced between each of these which will give about a 16″ (scale) spacing of the ties.
Aligning Ties
I made two jigs from Sintra® – a closed-cell PVC Foam Board. Very nice for things like this as it cuts like .. buttery Styrene. 🙂

I glued down one tie by eye directly over a bent-cap. From there, the jigs aligns the other ties nicely. The ties are space approximately 16-inches apart with six ties between each bent.

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