DRRR Pier – Part XI

Track(s) Gauge
When I spiked down the On30 Gauge track I used a couple of Rail Craft Three-Point Track Gauges. For the other rails I needed a custom gauge.

The first thing I did was pull up my Sketchup drawing of the Pier and focused on the rails. I drew a center-line for each rail and then got the dimensions from center-line to center-line

I could then transfer those dimensions to some Sintra®. The Peco On30 track I am using has a rail-head width of .044″. Once the Sintra® blocks were milled to the dimensions I needed (center-to-center on the rails) I could then notch the edges – .022″ from the edge and .040″ deep. When the blocks are slid up against each other we get a .044″ x .040″ grove .. centered over each rail.
I then cut another piece of Sintra® the length and width of all the blocks. This will act as a backing for the blocks.
The blocks were then cemented to the backing strip one at a time .. making sure that they fit tightly against one another. I used CAA applied along the edges .. keeping it out of the groves. This created a single gauge. It’s not the prettiest thing ever .. or the strongest .. but should work long enough to align the rails on the pier for spiking.
The Gauges
.. and we are finished. I’ll see how well they work but I need to ‘rust up’ some more tie plates. (That reminds me ..this time .. paint the rail BEFORE I spike it down)
Spiking the first Crane Rail
Have no idea what these things are .. found them at Tractor Supply. Make for fine weights to hold my track gauges securely against the rail. The ‘fiddly’ bit is getting the tie plates under the rail .. they are so small .. like trying to herd soap bubbles.
Spiking Finished
All five rails have been spiked. The only thing left is to do any touch-ups needed and weathering.

Edit: Next step is to level the pier on the four corner pilings (done) and then start building the bents and diagonal bracing. Since that will take some where near forever .. I’m going to ‘muse’ on the crane.

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