DRRR Pier – Part XII

The Crane
I moved the pages on the Crane to it’s on thread – Gantry Crane – Part I – under ‘Machinery’. Makes sense really to put it with the rest of the machinery.
Making it fit …
Pulling back a bit on the last shot to show the deck sitting on the pilings. Nothing glued down.

This is where I have to step back and think about the next step. I don’t really plan a lot of this .. it “just happens.”

Starting to put the diagonals on the bents. Up on top I’ve started to put down foam to raise the land up to the level of the dock.
.. and continuing. Building a pier like this worked – but was still a pain. I would put in the two outside pilings – glue in place and let set up and then align the center ones. It SEEMS like a good idea but was a killer trying to align everything left and right. I *think* that a better way might be to assemble the thing upside down on a bench. Then drill the holes slightly oversize – and when ready to place the pier .. fill the holes with something – black epoxy for example. Then put the pier in place and the pilings would hang in the holes.

In any case .. pain or not .. it worked more or less as I wanted.

With the pier in place I could start to see where the track would go. I know .. there are those who would have had every piece of track positioned already in their mind .. I’m not one of those. I have a general idea but it is at this point I find where it ‘wants’ to go.

Here, a piece of flex track is formed to join to the pier and then wind along the layout. I like doing it this way since .. to me .. it seems more life-like .. as if the terrain is dictating where the track goes.

With the track ‘more or less’ where it needs to go I could start to position the switches. This is one of the hardest parts to do – trying to get them in position so that the trackwork flows .. and in so little space.

Hey .. not complaining. I made the decision to model in On30 in the space I had. Just saying …

Notice how close the track is running to the edge. Can’t have that .. figured I needed a kind of combined retaining wall and abutment at the point the track extends on to the pier.

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