DRRR Pier – Part XIII

Abutment and Retaining Wall
Leggos make for excellent quick and dirty molds for things like this. I intended to extend the retaining wall more but for now at the point the track runs on to the pier I needed what would be basically an abutment. I stacked the leggos into a ‘L-shape’ and poured in plaster.

I used a ‘pottery plaster – for use in ceramics’ for this. I picked it up at Hobby Lobby .. is harder then plaster of paris. One of these days I will get some Hydrocal (I keep telling myself that).

When dry I hand carved the stones using the faint lines left from the leggo blocks as a guide. Coloring was done by a AI wash followed by brushing individual stones with weathering powders.

You can just see the abutment on the other side of the second leggo mold I made for the retaining wall. I had to ‘bump’ the retaining wall out to follow the curve of the landscape.
Retaining Wall
I carved the blocks into the plaster like I did with the abutment. The dark specks you see is dirt (sifted). I wet the surface of the leggo mold and tossed some in before pouring in the plaster. Figured it would add texture.

This is a good photo as it shows how the retaining wall evolved over time. Here I was going to have simply fit around the projecting rock. Hard to see but to the right there are a couple of ‘blocks’ carved away .. the idea was the rock would slope off there with the retaining wall ‘flowing’ around it. That buttress (think that would be the correct term) is vertical.

At this point the wall has got some color. Again, I used weathering powder over an AI wash. I like the way the weathering powders tint rather then simply cover. I used a brass-bristle brush to create more texture .. I went across the surface using the brass brush like a pounce. This also knocked out the bits of dirt/texture on the surface.

I stepped the buttress back. Think that works MUCH better. The retaining wall still is built around that piece of rock sticking out. The more I looked at that the less I liked it.

Additional Rockwork
Not sure what I was going to do with the retaining wall I moved it out of the way (it not being glued down yet) as I needed to modify the rock to it’s left .. bring it out a bit. I used blue foam, breaking it into chunks so it would follow the landform .. and give an un-even pattern. I glued it down with yellow glue and secured with T-Pins to dry overnight. Here, I’m pulling out the pins.
I then attacked the foam with the ‘high tech’ carving device you see stuck into the foam above. This is all you have to do to make foam look like rock. (well. Other then coloring)

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