DRRR Pier – Part XIV

Vector Cut Sewer Grating
I kept looking at that retaining wall until I remembered that I had some sewer gratings from Vector Cut’s Manhole Cover and Sewer Grating Set. I had previously used one of the Manhole Covers. Perfect.
Retaining wall with grating
I quickly cut a leggo block down to approximately the size of the grate to use as a plug and using other leggos I poured plaster to fill in the hole I had. When dry .. carved blocks in, stained, colored and .. happy feet.

(I know. The ‘engineering’ on that arch sucks .. but .. ‘perhaps’ there is a hidden steel beam these. Shrug. Not going to re-do it. I’ll just fire the guy who built it when it fails.)

Some color to make the rockwork come alive and I glued in the retaining wall and grating. Had a classic ‘Oops’ here. I had glued the retaining wall and grating in place .. and .. poured in some plaster to backfill between the retaining wall and foam. When plaster starting to run out the grating I had to do a quick cleanup while that was still possible! There was quite a bit of strong language there for a bit. 🙂
With the re-working of the rock and retaining walls I could get back to the track. Here I have extended the roadbed inward to support the trackplan as it developed.

Here’s my take on such. In ‘real life’ they would build the railroad trying to make best use of the landform and only altering as needed – money of course being the driving force. Since I’m using Peco track and switches I am limited by the physical constraints imposed by Peco. With that in mind .. I am ‘getting close’ .. laying out the track .. and then ‘imagineering’ the landform to fit the Peco trackwork – as if – the landform had constrained the engineers to do ‘this’ here .. and ‘that’ there to fit the track to the land.

Continuing with the switch-work just shy of the retaining wall. Note that it is important to keep the area around where you are working clean and neat. Very important.
I’m at the point that I am wiring everything. I need to make sure that everything works perfectly before even THINKING of adding ballast. In this pic I have the track run around the end of the pier and to the bridge. I have one other piece of track to add. It runs off a switch hidden just beyond the gondola and will run toward the orange handled rail cutters.

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