DRRR Pier – Part XV

Tire Fenders
Always nice to bring a thread back from death – the last time I posted on the pier was August of 2012!

tires_1I had 5 auto tires from Rusty Stumps which I will recycle for tire bumpers for the pier. I may add more later on.

The tires were spray painted flat black and then ‘lightly scrubbed’ with Doc O’Brien’s Weathering Powders – Grungy Gray and White

wharf_tiresOk. Next question was how to attach them to the pier. I found some pics of tires used as bumpers two of which use rope and the one at the top right uses chains. I have tried beading wire, thread and solder .. and have been extremely unhappy with the results. I think I need to visit some of the military modeling websites for a ‘how to’ for rope. The chain looked interesting though ..
Chains and Tires
beading_claspI found these at Michaels in the beading section. They are part of a clasp called a “Two Strand Hook and Eye” – this being the eye. I used the cutters and snipped them in half to get two ea. ‘eye bolts’ .. some needle nose pliers made short work of straightening the wire shank. The wire measures about .022 in.

I had purchased these originally for the hook. Excellent source for small bits and pieces in the Beading section of Michaels.

tire_chainI had figured that if “I had to do this in real life” .. I would simply have drilled a hole in the tread of the tire and run an eyebolt though secured on the inside with a washer and bolt. With the eyebolt in place the next step will be to cut off enough chain to wrap around the piling.
tires_2Just hanging off the fender timber the tires would just ‘flop’. I added a piece of vertical timber between the horizontal fender timbers for the tire to rest on.

The tires are glued to the pier at this point, awaiting the chain.

tire_chain_measureOkie Dokie. The tire is from Rusty Stumps and the 40 links per inch chain from Builders In Scale.

Since I was going to chain the tires to the piers I realized that can hide the joint in the chain behind that same pier. First thing is to get the length so I draped the chain around the pier – and will cut the chain at the overlap.

tire_chain_partsThe biggest problem I seem to have is my fat fingers .. so …

#1 – This is .45mm beading wire. It consists of 7 strands which means it can stand in for wire rope or cordage. That .45mm is about .018 in. .. which in O scale measures about 7/8 in.

#2 – The wire is coated with plastic which can be easily burned off with a cigarette lighter. I could then untwist the wire to get a single wire strand that is .064mm or ~ .0025 in. .. which is about 1/8 in. in O scale.

#3 – This is the length of chain cut to drape around the pier and through the eyebolt.

#4 – Finally .. took that single wire and threaded it through the last link of the chain, folded it in half and then twisted it so I have something to work with …

Chaining the tire
tire_chain_threadingNow is is pretty easy to use that twisted wire as a needle .. and thread it through the last link in the other end of the chain. A pair of locking tweezers helps here.
tire_chain_glueI used some super glue at the joint to secure everything. Some accelerator helped to speed up everything .. then snipped off the excess.
tire_chain_snipThe chain can now be slipped around so that blob of ACC is hidden behind the post.
~ Completed
tirescene1Quick look .. calling these tire pier bumpers finished for now .. will prob come back at some point and add some weathering but I’m of the school that .. “do a bit .. and wait” .. my belief is that you will pass by .. again .. and .. again .. and all of a sudden get a “Oh! .. what if I ..” ..

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