On18 Trestle – Pt III

Texture Trial
FormTextureTestExperimenting with textures. My plan is to make it look as if the abutment had been poured in a timber mold. Ok. I KNOW someone will point out that generally .. the board in forms didn’t bulge and ‘generally’ .. cement didn’t bulge between them.

My reasoning for that is .. the boards used for a form were tongue and groove. That was because as the cement pressed against the form the pressure would actually lock the boards together.

Still. I have never allowed logic to stop me in the past. Tongues WOULD break and split allowing individual boards to bulge out .. and ridges of cement to ooze between the boards. For me .. that adds interest.

So. Some experiments …

In the photo the bottom part there are two strips of index card glued to the board. In the top portion you see two outlined areas. The top one has a strip of index card as in the bottom and the lower one just the board. They have both been an experiment with oozing concrete. I placed some blue painter’s tape leaving a small open strip. I then used some Acrylic Gel .. smeared sideways on the top strip .. and dabbed with my finger on the bottom. Pretty happy with the results (the strips are 1/4″ wide by the way)

Fitting Abutment
fitting_left_abutment3Started to fit the abutment to the left side .. rough fitting the rock around it. I glued it in place .. after the glue sets up I’ll finish fitting it.
fitting_left_abutment3bClose-up of the abutment. I suppose I’ll call this a ‘rough paint’ and weathering. Some dry-brushing at some point. I may attach something to the side to add to the scene .. something metal so I can have rust stains.

I added a place that the form bulged out .. a few places that concrete oozed out fro between boards.

Trestle Dimensions

  • Peco HOn30 track measures approximately 0.807″ across the ends of the ties. I’ll use this as the width of my bridge ties.
  • I show the calculated width for a passenger car on On18 track of 1.187″. I needed this to create the long ties used to support the walk – three feet of walk outside the car.
  • The long ties are 1.8 in length. This gives a scale 36″ clear width for the walk.
  • I used a pair of stringers under each rail – each measuring 0.100″x0.250 (4.8″x12″)
  • I have On30 switch ties – “in hand” so I will use them. They are 5-1/2 x 7-1/2 in .. and “good nuff”
workingRendered a straight section of the trestle. I show the walkway, railing and the water barrel platform (minus railings)
Gluing Up
gluing_upGluing the sections end to end. Since it is a simple butt-joint it will be relatively weak so I will have to be careful. The plan is to cut out a wooden pattern and tape the glued sections to that – which should hold it together while the bents are installed. When that’s done .. they will perform the same function their full-scale cousins perform .. hold up the bridge!
Fitting the trestle deck
fit_trestle_1Ok. Here’s the plan. I cut a length of wood that fits the profile of the trestle (to be). It is longer on both ends. With the temporary ties aligning the stringers taped to the underside of the wooden guide I have the extended bit on the wooden guide sitting on more ties. With a couple of weights – the stringers are where they need to be. I should now be able to build the bents to fit.

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