On18 Trestle – Pt IX

#1 Bent
#1 Bent

#1 Bent

I hacked out enough foam to slide the first bent on the left in place. I’ll number them from left to right so this is … #1. I centered the cap under the stringers and did my best to make it level and all that. I used Tightbond Instant Bond Wood Adhesive (CA for wood). IT claims a 5sec set up time and 30-60 sec cure time – but I’ll give it a few minutes .. because I can.
Where it is
WhereIsItI snapped this pic from down the bridge that crosses the river. The turbine is just to the right.
Installing Bents
blockingBentStarted to put the bents in place using foam to block them up to the stringers


On18 Trestle – Pt IX — 2 Comments

  1. Looking very good, but you nearly lost me during the math page, I hated the subject at school!

    The under mounted knee braces on the railings look convincing enough, I’m sure there must have been similar variations in real life.

    • Bob,
      I think I enjoy my ‘pseudo math’ as I can pretend that I know what I’m doing! 🙂

      About the knee braces. I figure like this .. while there are ‘proper’ methods for doing things .. a lot of times it was just someone given the job and he did the best he could. I think that without the knee braces the railing supports would depend on the bolts to hold them in place .. not good. With the knee braces like they are, pressing against the top of the support actually tries to compress the brace. Makes sense to me .. which means that my imaginary worker thought so too! A lot of my modeling is simply me looking at something and wondering how it would be done in ‘real life’. I think that comes across in the model as more like it would have been done. A lot of models I see are almost engineered to fit a scene so much it .. to me .. is just not realistic.

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