On18 Trestle – Pt VII

Jigs – and more Jigs
I made up a couple of small and simple jigs to help me align the posts, railings and toe/kick boards. Figured I would share them .. for what it’s worth.
set_posts_1The posts are a (more or less) scale 4-in. x 4-in. In this photo the posts are already glued in place I can still show you what I did. Here’s the jig .. just a small block of wood cut back so there is a small stop to set the top of the post.
set_posts_2By sliding the jig up against the post that stop sets the height of the post while the vertical part of the cut-back aligns the post vertically.
Toe/Kick board
toekick_1I set my kickboards 4-in. off the deck. I just used a piece of the 4-in. x 4-in. stock for that. I glued a small piece of stripwood to help hold it against the edge of the decking.
toekick_2I could then place that between the posts and set my kickboard on the jig and hold the kickboard in place while the glue dried.
railing_jig_1The jig for the railing is slightly more complicated .. just because I could. 🙂

There is a cut-out on the bottom to clear the kick board .. and a cut out on top to support the 2-in. x 4-in. railing

railing_jig_2The little shoulder on the top cut-out allows the jig to hold the railing securely against the post while the glue dries.

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