City Bridge – Pt II

abutments2So .. I made a couple of abutments for the that will cross the cut.

You have to understand that my level of planning is often a “Reacting to stuff”. I either have to move the Brick Mercantile forward or the shorter abutment back a bit so I can curve a road up to the loading door on the Mercantile .. or .. hmmm .. re-arrange the road so it runs along the track up to the door. I kinda-sorta liked that because I really didn’t want to hide the abutment behind the building .. it makes my esthetic sense itch. Yeah .. the more I thought about it the more I liked that .. a building could go on the bit where it shows road now …

clearanceThe NMRA website has a nice pic with dimensions for it’s clearances gauges – NMRA S-7 Clearances. I used that to make my own gauge from .040″ styrene

One of the results of “Design by Reacting” .. is that given a set of circumstances I am forced to put things only one place. With the roadbed/abutment widths set .. and the same with the Brick Mercantile .. and the On30 Clearances Gauge .. the building goes … *there*.

Work in progress I
WIP_1With a couple of buildings more or less finished I propped the backdrop in place with the abutments and buildings. The stick simulates the bridge deck.
Gluing Abutments
WIP_2I’ve got as far as I think I can with the scene without going ahead and gluing the abutments in place. Once the glue sets I will use acrylic caulk to simulate the joint between the concrete and rock.

The 2×2 on top has a couple of pieces of sq. stock that fit the bridge seats – thereby fixing the abutments in position.

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