On18 Concrete Bridge

I had originally planted to put a plate-girder bridge in this location but kept putting it off for later .. until later arrived. The day before leaving for the National Narrow Gauge Convention in Hickory NC I jumped through my butt and made this.
Having completely run out of time I grabbed a 1″x2″ board and glued that in place for the roadbed. I then looked around and found some green florist’s foam I had and glued that to the bottom of the roadbed .. and then roughly shaped the foam to it was ‘bridge shaped’.
Once the glue had set up I finished shaping it. I needed something to make it look like concrete so I mixed some Modge Podge and Sanded Grout and dabbed that all over the surface. One that had dried I covered everything in white latex. There were additional steps – the ‘normal’ filling with Spackle where gaps showed and so on .. but that was basically it.

A coat of ‘Concrete’ latex and .. my gosh .. it looks like a bridge! This is how it looked prior to an AI wash and dry-brushing.

After I returned from the convention I added a walkway. I had originally thought to replace the bridge when I was constructing it out of foam but I have since changed my mind as it came out ‘just fine’ and am quite pleased with how it looks.
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    • Thanks Daniel. That was a ‘lucky accident’ .. or something similar in that originally the dam was created simply to provide power to my coke ovens etc. It was only afterwards that I realized it would also hide the horizon line.

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