On30 PGB – Pt IV

A little Primer
I used a rattle-can to spray on some primer. With the plastic either black or white it was hard to make out details. I let that dry and did some touch up sanding, filling .. the usual. I couldn’t wait .. had to place the bridge approximately where it would go. It would end up sitting a little lower .. but this was close.

With the bridge at this point I could start working on the abutments as I could get some good measurements. I cover making the abutments in a separate thread titled .. Concrete Abutment

Red Oxide’ish
Did just a little sanding on the primered bridge then a final coat to get read for the next step which is a coat of Rust-Oleum brown. Looks like Iron Oxide to me. This is the base ‘rust’ color.
Oil Wash
Once that had dried I went over it with a streaky wash of oil paint .. Yellow Ochre thinned with Turpenoid. I let that dry for 24 hrs or so.
That was followed with sponged on acrylics in several shades of brown/red mixed with some matt medium to give the texture body.
Finally a good coat of hairspray, followed once that dried by some flat black acrylic. I let that dry an hour or so and then attacked it with water, soft brush etc. to reveal the rust underneath.

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