Wooden Vehicular Bridge

With my pier built (pretty much) – I need a small bridge to bridge (pun intended) the gap between the land and the pier. In fact .. finishing the pier depends in part on installing the vehicular bridge. I copied the design from Army TM 5-51B Carpenter – Chapter 10 – Nonstandard Fixed Bridge
The Semi-Final Plan
I say ‘Semi-Final’ .. as I haven’t gone through my wood stock yet to see what I have and don’t .. or go to the LHS/Michaels to pick up additional strip-wood.
Sizes needed
I assigned each size of strip-wood to a different layer in Sketchup and then told it to ‘color by layer’. This is what I will be using to see what stock I have and don’t. Once I have the strip-wood I can modify the plan as needed.
Designing a Jig
I believe in the – “If you have it, use it” phrase .. so .. I decided to build a jig to assemble the bridge. One thing I had to get around is that my Proxxon mini-mill only has a X-direction table movement of just a bit over 5 inches .. so it’s “adapt and overcome” ..

In the pic the brown represents the stringers .. the gray a mini-square and the white bits and pieces of Sintra®

The Sintra® mills readily with a Dremel router bit. One of the most important things here is a dial-indicator and magnetic holder to get exact movements. The pieces I a milling here are just to lock around and locate the other jig pieces.
Here I am milling the part of the jig that will accept the stringers.
Milled Jib Bits
Here are all the bits and pieces milled, sanded etc. … ready to assemble into a jig .. hopefully.
Gluing-up the Stringer Jig
.. and assembling the jig The stringers are just sitting in the jig to help keep everything straight while the ACC sets up. After this photo was taken I used weights (my large brass balls) to hold everything in place and then used the ACC.


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