Vehicular Bridge – Part III

Testing in place
With handrails done, I propped her in place .. more or less. I haven’t finished the pier yet .. as I was wanting to get this bridge in place so I could see where the rest of the pilings etc. would go .. shrug. I make this stuff up as I go you know ..

Looks like I will only need two bents. On the far end can just be a cap sitting on a footing. Still need to weather etc. as it only has an initial graying

Pulled back a bit for this shot. Huh. Need to finish that fascia off .. plan is to curve it around that bit there. Way back there where I damaged the backdrop when I was arm-wrestling the layout into place .. prob where the Clever Model’s Critter Shed will go.
Vehicle Clearance
Pops on The Whistle Post asked “Just wonderin’ – is there enough room for a vehicle to fit between the end of the bridge and the mountain?

Yes .. with the advisement that long wheelbase vehicles would have a problem as it is currently. Here the truck is crossing about where the road would be. It will curve back across that other track behind. If necessary I will just have to send in a crew and blast away enough cliff to make room

Another view. Darn .. really hate covering up that rubble .. I kinda like the way it came out … ha.

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