Vehicular Bridge – Part IV

ttacked the foam to it the bridge in place. Nice thing about foam .. like that around it .. you tear it .. paint it .. and it looks like rock.
The wood just has a light coat of Silver Wood. I’ll come back .. do some darkening (creosote) of areas .. blotchy browns and blacks all over ..

Once I glue it in place I will come back and add some blocking between the bridge and pier .. with bolt heads visible. There’s a small gap between the two – about 5″ or so. I’ll prob add some metal plates to bridge that gap. Need to put something under that rear cap – footings of some sort – stone or concrete would both work.

Completed (more or less)
This photo was created using CombineZM. 7 photos were used to get the extended depth of field.

I need to cover up any raw wood still showing (mostly the bracing) .. and add some browns and blotchy gray/black here and there. The pilings need to look like they have been creosoted. I haven’t cut the handrails back yet .. they would/could extend a couple of inches past the end post I suppose.

Bridge Access
One thing that has been bothering me is .. how the heck do you move the vehicle off the pier once it is loaded? Currently .. the only option is to back up over the vehicle bridge. Can’t see that happening .. wouldn’t take long for someone to run into the railings and off he bridge.

I’m going to have to add a short bridge to the front of the pier so they could drive on .. then drive off. In the pic below the proposed path is in yellow –

If you click for a close-up, the road would cross through the switch just outside the switch points. I’ll use the same design – modified as needed – as I used for the current bridge

Turn Around?
railman28 on suggested that professional truck drivers back their trucks up all the time. If I didn’t put in a ‘pass through’ on the other end of the pier then I would need to turn the truck around so it could back onto the pier.

My layout is set ‘sometime’ between 1935 and 1945. I keep ‘tap-dancing’ around setting the exact date.

Looking around I found some wheel bases for trucks in 1921 (ish) .. 126″ (1 ton); 164″ (3-1/2 ton) .. let’s say 15 ft. At this time the “Overall lengths of tractors and semi-trailers seldom exceed 35 feet”.

What do you think? Say .. “1935’s ish” .. 40ft length? If either ‘Selective Compression’ for a model layout .. or restrictions on the weight capacity of the pier, bridge and roads .. that would mean 10″ in O scale.

Here’s where I am currently. The cardboard represents the path of the road. There are two places to turn the truck in that 10 inches. The problem is .. I can only ‘guess’ that this would be workable (even in a model railroad world). I mean .. I can ‘suppose .. that the truck would come down the road .. cross that first track and turn up between the two tracks .. then back back across the road with the trailer between the track and cliff .. then .. back out the incoming road and then back again to the bridge. I just can’ see it .. looks to me like the curve in the road would be too sharp. To get a more direct route the cliff would have to be removed .. to straighten out the road there.

If I had truck size limits then I could have small flatbeds that could navigate around ok .. turn the truck around in half that distance. I could have the turn-around .. out of scene past that second track too.

Even if I added that possible bridge to the front .. I would still have a restriction on trailer/truck length because of the sharp curve.

I think that .. probably .. from the viewpoint of making a ‘cool scene’ on a model layout that I should just restrict the truck length .. which would make the turn-around reasonable if I had in On-Scene instead of off – either that or the second bridge on the other end of the pier which would of course eliminate the need for the turn-around.

Ideas? Suggestions? Large bricks?

In Progress shot
Couldn’t help talking a low level shot looking down the end of the pier and past the bridge. I say – ‘In Progress’ .. as I still need to add rocks, dirt and debris .. and put in the rest of the pilings .. and do the road .. and .. but .. hey. It’s a ‘Progress shot’.


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