WEW Gizmos

Cleaned The Gizmos cleaned. I sloshed them around in some Bestine to remove any oils then used a tooth brush and Dawn Dish Soap .. finally .. ran through my Ultrasonic Cleaner. Rusty Sprayed American Accents Terra Cotta Fine Textured … Continue reading

Steam Powered Deck Winch

Steam Powered Deck Winch I found the Liberty Ship Steam Powered Deck Winch by Greg O on 3D Warehouse. I will be using this as a ‘guide’ .. reworking it to create one of my own, based on but not … Continue reading

Engine & Pump

Genesis I was still playing around with what era my layout would exist in but .. figured somewhere in the 30’s to 40’s. With that I more or less tossed out the idea of a steam engine and decided that … Continue reading

Flat Belt Pulley - I

Overview Needing a Flat Belt style Pulley transmission system for my turbine I found this book titled – A treatise on belts and pulleys By John Howard Cromwell published 1885. I was just wanting a general outline of the style … Continue reading

Water Cannon

The Challenge I was talking to Ralph Renzetti last night on Skype and he mentioned a problem with Shapeways in that he had found what he wanted at Shapeways (HO Water Cannons).. but .. he only needs two of the … Continue reading

Turbine V.3

Version 3 This is a re-work of my original Turbine model. I had a series of things I wanted to change .. mostly based on the prior versions. Bolts: The original version I put holes in the turbine casing to … Continue reading

Gantry Crane Ver II – Part I

.. a year later I pulled up the old Sketchup file from a year ago. I had tried to scratch build it from styrene – Gantry Crane .. and was unhappy with the results. I started to work on my … Continue reading

6 inch Gate Valve

Concept A book published in 1907 titled “Surface arrangements at bituminous mines: coal washing, principles of coking, coking in the beehive oven, by-product coking, surface arrangements at anthracite mines, preparation of anthracite” (they loved these long titles back then) is … Continue reading

Overhead Crane – Ver III – II

.. a year later I pulled up the old Sketchup file from over a year ago. I had discovered that trying to design a cable, drum, winch, sheave combo didn’t work out. Has to do with the actual engineering (see … Continue reading

Coal Breaker

Genesis I have this plan for a wide-ranging coking operation. One step is that I need to break/crush the coal from the mine prior to running it through a process that will separate the coal from the trash such as … Continue reading

Belt Conveyors

Conveyors and Elevators I am using Belt Conveyors and Belt Elevators By Frederic Valerius Hetzel published 1922 for reference. There is a great amount of information in the book for all kinds of conveyors but I will be focusing on … Continue reading

Gantry Crane - Part I

The Crane The illustration to the left is an overhead view of my pier. The On30 tracks are in red. That white block you see about middle of the pier represents a gondola or flatcar waiting to be unloaded/loaded. Th … Continue reading

Overhead Crane - I

Synopsis A while back I was working on Branstetter Hardware with the intent to build an overhead crane to transfer between the loading dock and either/or truck and rail. Since that time the design has evolved some – such that … Continue reading

Overhead Crane - Ver2 – I

Overview I posted my work on my Overhead Crane (original single girder bridge beam) to Railroad Line Forums. Russ Greene .. owner of NE Brownstone posted back with photos of overhead cranes and I was caught by the dual bridge … Continue reading

3-Ton Depot Scale

Source This was taken from Railroad Structures and Estimates – By John Wilson Orrock Pub. 1918 Page 386To accommodate baggage, express and freight trucks the C.P.R. standard 3-ton stationary scale platform is 4’6″ x 9′, Fig. 193.The cost of a 3-ton … Continue reading

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