3-Ton Depot Scale

This was taken from Railroad Structures and Estimates – By John Wilson Orrock Pub. 1918 Page 386To accommodate baggage, express and freight trucks the C.P.R. standard 3-ton stationary scale platform is 4’6″ x 9′, Fig. 193.The cost of a 3-ton dial depot scale complete, varies from $350 to $450; an average estimate of work is as follows:
1918 2013
Excavation, 10 cu.yd. @50¢ $5.00 $254.00
Concrete, 1.25 cu.yd. @10.00 12.50 193.00
Lumber, 440 F.B.M. @$50.00 22.00 340.00
2-9 in,. I beams, 21 lb., 3ft. 9″ long, 157 lb. @ 6¢ 9.42 146.00
Contingencies 5.08 78.60
$54.00 $933.00
Scale irons and dial case $346.00 $5,350.00
Erection 25.00 1,270.00
Total $425.00 $7,631.60
This $425 cost was in 1918 dollars. Using the Measuring Worth website, that would be around $7,631.60 if purchased today.
scaleA drawing – Fig. 193 of the Three-ton Depot Scale was provided. We are looking at plans drawn before 1918 .. then scanned close to a hundred years later. I attempted the best I could to translate the measurements shown .. but some of these are a puzzle .. let’s say. The original was a reduced size print to start with and not even counting the other difficulties .. makes at least some of the measurements at best .. a guess. I think that in addition .. I never absolutely trust these drawings to be totally correct.
Sketchup Drawing
dimVer8.. and here is the result. It follows the drawing in Fig. 193 as best I could make sense of the measurements and the drawing itself. I made one change to the concrete foundation, but that is internal and doesn’t show.
explodeHere, I’ve exploded the drawing. Note that I haven’t done any of the mechanism. If I were to build this as a model, the only parts that would show are a couple of bars through the open space in front of the dial body.

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