6 inch Gate Valve – Pt V

3d Printing – Version 2
This brings us then to version 2. The flanges have been modified to confirm to Class 125. I recessed a slight area around the opening (forming a gasket surface) and punched 8 holes at the appropriate dia and size (see previous post). Bolt heads were applied at the locations shown in the original drawing.

I applied an ACME 6″ to the side .. and finished up with some clean-up of the valve body. I changed the valve stem hole from 0.034″ (originally for the #000-120 screw I used for the valve stem) to 0.026″ which represented a 1-1/4″ valve stem. This was the smallest that I could (I thought) print the valve stem in FUD. Turned out that .. that wasn’t true .. but more on that later.

My original Gate Valves that I scratch-built used #000-120 screws to represent the valve stems. Measuring .034-in dia that scales out to 1-58-in in O scale. Just a ‘tad’ oversize but ‘good nuff’ visually. The problem was that I had to use two screws per valve = basically a hassle. I looked into purchasing some all-thread in that size and was shocked at the price with 12-in of threaded rod costing over $70!!!!

Since the valve stems don’t operate .. they just have to visually look like a threaded stem I looked into some alternate methods with varying success. More on that later.

3d Printing – Version 3B
SURenderVersion 3b. I reworked No.3 a bit. Made the wall thicker between the valve throat and flange and changed the opening for the valve stem to .6mm .. I found brass bolts 0.6mm x 6mm that will work for the valve stems at Scale Hardware. For the handwheel I used one from a Vector Cut set of “Steam Age industrial Gears and Handwheels“.

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