Coal Breaker – Pt III

Mimesis 30
Since there might be some interest in the construction (imaginary) of my coal breaker (also imaginary) I put together this sequence of the construction (still imaginary) .. 🙂 .. click any of the photos for a larger one.
First thing are the shafts that the rollers ride on. One is longer then the other because a pulley will be on the end of the near shaft to drive the breaker.
Next the rollers are slid on. Don’t pay any attention to the pattern on the rollers – that’s just something to add some texture.
Journals are attached. In real life these would have been cast iron castings.

Not sure how much of this ‘detail’ could be easily done in O scale. Guess I will see when I get to it.

Frame built up from I-Beams. This would certainly be Evergreen styrene I imagine.
Slide a pulley on the end of the longer shaft. I show a flat pulley which would indicate it was originally probably driven by a steam engine. We will have to see.
The casing around the mechanism is the main part that will be seen. I created it by visualizing sheet-metal bent and bolted together but for a model, styrene and Evergreen angle would probably work best.
The upper casing is on. Notice that the only part of the ‘innards’ that can be seen is just a bit of the rollers. That’s only visible in this view. On the model I’m pretty sure that that chute will be covered.
The last bit in this sequence are the gears. This completes the ‘assembly’ of the breaker .. just to show the theoretical design which while would probably not worked in ‘real life’ .. will work fine in my imaginary one.

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