Coal Breaker – Pt IV

I had to adjust the original plan just a bit. Since the entire thing was made up ‘on the fly’ based on some fuzzy photos for a hundred years ago it’s no biggie. I modified the frame to the sizes specified on the Evergreen Spec pdf. For the frame I plan to use Evergreen #278 – 5/16″ IBeam.
The ‘feet’ can be made from some Evergreen #287 H-Column. Looks like slicing off the ‘bit in blue’ and welding on a couple pieces of .020″ styrene will work.

Note: One of the problems designing things like this is that the final product is very, very small. What seems to be a good idea at the time can be .. something else when you actually start cutting plastic.

… and here we go. Notice how small the four pieces of reinforcement plate are. According to my original mock-up in Sketchup these are riveted to the I-Beams. I used .010-in stock. If I used .010-in. I embossed the rivets .. think they will be ok. I mean .. these are little suckers.

It really will not matter that much in the end as this coal breaker will be sitting under the coal tipple .. but I like to try anyhoo.


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