Engine and Pump – Pt II

The Pump
Using the Sketchup model I could look though my scrap box and parts box and toss together something that looked ‘right’. Since these pumps varied so widely almost anything will do .. seriously.
Here I’ve added the two vertical I-Beams that will support the eccentric, some NBW and positioned the engine approximately where it will go. (I think it was somewhere at this point that I realized my original / smaller pump house wasn’t large enough and would have to be expanded)
Suppose this is some more of a ‘waste of time’. I built the crank and piston rods for the pump. Heck. I suppose it’s good practice for something I build in the future.
The air chamber has to have something to mount to. The manifold’s main purpose is to supply feed from the pump to the outside. This is an ‘in progress’ shot. The manifold still lacks any flanges.
With the flanges added. The top/center one is for the air chamber while the ones on the end will go to the various gate valves. Extra flanges will simply be capped off.

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