Engine & Pump – Pt III

Some Paint
I always like the point where you apply some paint as it starts to ‘look like something’. I used some Rust-Oleum fine texture paint to give it just that little bit of texture. If this was to be out where it could be easily seen I would have added more nuts and bolts and screw heads etc .. like on the manifold. Since it will be mostly hidden away I let it go.
Test Fitting
Manifold is in place and a quick look again at the position of the engine to the pump. This was mostly to amuse myself since the placement of the engine will be determined by the position of the gearing but .. was a nice photo op.
Came back and made up the crank-shaft. The gears don’t mesh. The lower gear is supposed to align with the engine but that’s ok .. I would just add a third intermediate gear. Looking at these photos I tend to forget just how small all these pieces are until I see the penny that I put in the photo.
Finishing up
The finished pump. At some point I sprayed a metallic paint from a rattle can, followed up with hairspray then a green paint. Some of the green paint was removed to show wear. I have to say again .. this is mostly just for my own amusement since I don’t think this will ever be seen on the layout. Still .. I was pretty happy with the model.

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