Engine & Pump – Pt IV

Almost Fini –
Here we go with the finally test fitting of the various pieces. Still needs paint here and there but getting close to finishing up. This is the part of a project where you start to get antsy .. want to finish and go on to something else.
Finished – Finally!
I mounted the model(s) on a small piece of styrene and made it look like concrete. The flywheel on the end was covered in an article in Shortline Modelers Lounge – Scratchin’ a Flywheel. The clutch was added after I saw one in a book and realized that they had to have some way to disconnect the engine from the pump. That little red lever is one of the many marvelous things you find when you disassemble a watch
A view from the other side. I really hope someday to figure out how to take photos from ‘inside’ the building .. otherwise this will never be seen. I had forgotten about the plate on the manifold .. that is just a thin piece of styrene with rivets/bolts impressed with a needle.
Finally a view from the side with a penny. I’m pretty happy with how this turned out .. and the project if for nothing else adds to my skill-set.


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