Flat Belt Pulley – III

printed_1Got the printed pulleys in from Shapeways. They are still covered in the left-over support wax but .. damn .. they look good. I’m seriously thinking of making some molds from these so I can reproduce them in resin. I have everything I need .. vacuum chamber and vacuum pump, pressure chamber and compressor – I just need to run power in the shop to them. I have been putting it off.
Station Pillar
station-pillar-puttiedIn the photo above there are a couple of plaster objects. These are Station Pillars cast in plaster which will support the pulleys. I tossed a master together from polystyrene. I didn’t have any modeling putty on hand but the red automotive putty works fine.
pillar-moldWith the Station Pillar master sanded, filed and primered it was ready to act as a master for a mold. A bathroom tile – nice and flat and smooth makes a good base. They are cheap, readily available and work great for such projects. Legos work great for creating the walls of a mold. Taping the outside and around the base is plenty good for the time the mold will exist.
pillar-mold2I used OOMOO® 25 two part Silicon Rubber from Smooth-On. This doesn’t require a vacuum pump – the only downside that I have found is the shelf-life sucks. I don’t have any experience in any other Silicon Rubbers so that may be true (at least to some extent) with all of them. Donno about that.
pillar-mold3Here’s the result. I don’t have any Hydrocal (or at least, any plaster identified as such). I found some plaster labeled “Pottery Plaster” which I think is either Hydrocal or something close enough it doesn’t matter.
pillar-mold4… another look at the castings and the master. I think that if I were to sell these Station-Pillars I would need to make a number of resin copies and use them as masters to make a larger mold so a bunch could be cast at one time.
pedestalsI needed some pedestals for the top of the Station-Pillars that will hold the Pulley shaft. Here I was at the start of the process – a couple pieces of Evergreen Styrene and a penny as the ubiquitous “here’s how big it is” pic.
pedestals2Some Tichey NBW completes the pedestals.

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