Gantry Crane Ver II – Part I

.. a year later
I pulled up the old Sketchup file from a year ago. I had tried to scratch build it from styrene – Gantry Crane .. and was unhappy with the results. I started to work on my Overhead Crane and when that came along good I realized I could modify it for a Gantry Crane.
Gantry Crane Ver IV
One of the things that tend to make me crazier than usual is trying to track the various versions of my models. This Gantry Crane was developed as a modified Overhead Crane Ver III .. so .. we have Gantry Crane Ver IV.

crane_iv-bI split the truck off from the crane proper leaving a length minus the wheels and bearings as a support on the upper portion. I then re-worked the truck to give me four wheels .. better support. The framing shown in white is a mix of Evergreen I-Beam and Channel.