Overhead Crane – Ver III – II

.. a year later
I pulled up the old Sketchup file from over a year ago. I had discovered that trying to design a cable, drum, winch, sheave combo didn’t work out. Has to do with the actual engineering (see prior page). I had decided that a better way to go would be with a geared drive and I played with that for a while until some other bright object caught my attention and I wandered off for the past year and a half. The other day I looked back at the project and made quite a bit of progress.

I also changed the name from Ver II to Ver III.


Version III
crane_iii_i-900I spent a lot of time trying to come up with the gearing .. until I decided that that can be imagined .. under the gearbox covers. I added various bolted pieces, stops etc. I uploaded a copy of the gearbox and truck successfully to Shapeways as a test of concept. I have printed the gears and sheave with Version I of the crane so that’s cool. The stops still need to be uploaded .. but overall I am pretty sure I can print this sucker.