Steam Powered Deck Winch – II

11/6/2016 Update
progress_2I realized that the overall size of the winch was a bit on the smallish side. It wasn’t insane .. really .. but it kept bothering me so I scaled the entire thing up just a bit.
11/13/2016 Update
This view was generated back on 13 November – I added the dime to give a better idea of the size of the model. I have to catch myself forgetting just how small everything is. I’ve done quite a bit of work on the model since then but a lot of it is not readily seen .. working with meshes sometimes it is simply reducing ‘clutter’.
4/14/2017 Update
This was the last update before I had the parts printed. The red and gold are supposed to represent brass bits.
WSF Frame
I modified the frame so it would print in White Strong and Flexible. In the end I was less than impressed. This totally didn’t work.
While the WSF print sucked I figured I could use it for ‘junk’. Sprayed some brown and then various rust washes.