Turbine V.3

Version 3
This is a re-work of my original Turbine model.

I had a series of things I wanted to change .. mostly based on the prior versions.

  • Bolts: The original version I put holes in the turbine casing to which I added Tichy bolts. I did that mostly because I wasn’t sure how well they would print in FUD. Since then I am confident enough that I wanted to print the NBW this time around.
  • Supports: The suppports I created for the first version were really too wide. Looking at photos I realized that I needed to make them a lot more narrow this time.
  • Manhole: This is a pretty small turbine with the casing only 4ft in dia. I wanted to make a larger acess for two reasons .. 1) it needs to be large enough that it could actually be used .. and .. 2) that might allow viewing the internals
  • Innards: Impeller, vanes, shafting, gate etc.
bodyv2d-800The frame is constructed from Evergreen Channel. There are a pair of supports under the casing with bearing supports under each end. That rear bearing support also supports a complex arrangement of gearing. The manhole/access is obvious of course so the turbine innards are visible. In this rendering the access cover is laying to one side .. there are no bolts therefore.
FrameOf course you could .. and can .. and perhaps even SHOULD make a frame that suits you. I cobbeled together this one from Evergreen shapes. The main Channel pieces are Evergreen #266 Channel which is .188″ tall. The cross-braces are held in place by brackets made from Evergreen #296 Angle, also .188″ tall. The uprights are reinforced at where they join to the horizontal pieces with Evergreen strip styrene measuring .020″ x .188″. The NBW are from Tichy.

If you were to “roll your own” .. the important things here are the location, width, height of the verticals and spacing and length of the horizontals.

Frame_Dim-800Here are the critical dimensions expressed in mm. To some extent this will be dictated by the placement of the parts when assembling the model but this is taken directly from the Sketchup model.
Forward Bearing Support
Casing Supports
Center_Support_1There are a pair of supports that support the casing. These are pretty simple in design.
Center_Support_2-800Looking at the prior drawing I felt something was missing. These supports are theoretically made up of two-pices of cast iron – so I thought it would be logical .. and interesting .. to bolt the two pieces together
Rear Bearing Support

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