Water Cannon – II

Scaling and more extruding.
FSBodyOnce I re-sized the model and all the separate bits and pieces to HO I had to make modifications. If you look at the example on the left .. the Full Size model matching the real-world Water Cannon (or as much as you can get tracing over a drawing) and then to the right at the HO version you can see where I made changes. The various cylinders that make up the object have thicker walls in the HO version. Those walls are 0.1mm thick .. the minimum detail possible in FUD (what it means is that this is the highest resolution the printer prints at). I also made the flange at the base thicker .. it is now 0.3mm thick .. the minimum wall thickness for FUD.

When I got to this point I realized that it was easier simply to take each face out from the elbow .. draw a circle on the face the size I needed and then extrude the cylinder to the length I needed. The cylinders in green are those that were modified.

The block on the side of the HO model is the first of those additional pieces I added. This also has been mofified .. mostly that any step is at leas 0.1mm .. the minimum detail that will show.

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