WEW Gizmos

cleaned-900The Gizmos cleaned. I sloshed them around in some Bestine to remove any oils then used a tooth brush and Dawn Dish Soap .. finally .. ran through my Ultrasonic Cleaner.
rusty-900Sprayed American Accents Terra Cotta Fine Textured spray paint as a base. I followed up with other red brown colors and vallejo Rust and Dark Gray washes.
Which Technique?
I have to decide which technique I will use …

(1) Hairspray Technique
(2) Salt Technique

(1) The Hairspray Technique takes more work. You spray on a couple of thin coats of a cheap hairspray. Then the top coat of paint which will be chipped. What paint you use is important. To some extent all paint brands will work since the water used in chipping is dissolving the HS not the paint. It DOES make a difference though.

Tamiya – works best. Tamiya acrylics do not dry to a solid vinyl layer of a shell. That means the chips are finer.
Vallejo – this is a vinyl acrylic. That means you get a vinyl shell and the chips are larger.
Lifecolor – somewhere in between Tamiya and Vallejo.

Since Tamiya are preferred it requires cranking up the airbrush etc.

(2) The Salt Technique is simpler. The rust undercoat is the same. With that dry you dampen the surface of the model, sift salt over it and when dry you spray the top coat on .. even rattle can will work.

The main difference for the modeler then is that with the Hairspray Technique you have total control over removal of paint exposing the rust underneath .. the chipping. The Salt Technique has much less control … you are sifting salt on a wet surface .. somewhat at random. When the salt dries you can go back with a brush and remove salt before you paint.

Now I have to determine which technique I want to use. I will probably go with the Hairspray Technique just because of the control over the chipping.

paint-900Paint .. Tamiya white and khaki – thinned with 50% water .. sprayed on a little too thick probably .. but that is fine since the surface is supposed to be heavily weathered
chipped-900Chipped without any other weathering. I will use a dark wash as well as rust washes. Then I will use OPR to enhance the rusty spots and stains.
washes-900I used Vallejo Dark Grey and Rust washes. I may use a bit of brown oils .. OPR (Oil Paint Rendering) .. perhaps the best way to finish up a weathering
opr-900OPR .. or .. Oil Paint Rendering. I used some Mig ‘Wash Brown’ to add a little brown .. both darker and stains here and there across the Gizmos. I think that I will call this “Good Nuff” and work on adding the piping next.
piping-900The various pipes were glued on. I have made a jig to drill holes in the structure for the piping. I will have to be really careful as working with FUD is more like working with week old cake frosting rather than styrene.
mounted-900Gizmos mounted. alking to Patrick Welch we have been tossing ideas. I beams sticking out of the building under the Gizmos .. supports buried in the internals .. screw jacks added later to help support the weight .. stairs and walkways to give access etc.