Modeling Using 3D Printing

Clinic Description
An overview using Sketchup, MeshLab and NetFabb to create 3D objects. This is not a ‘how to’ as that takes time and study but a look at the concepts, pitfalls and such.
That description above is more or less right since most of the clinic will simply be how to adapt the dimensions of an object to print in scale.
Show and Tell
In order to create a “Show and Tell” atmosphere I decided that I would show off a few of my 3d prints and then explain how I adapted the full-size object so it could be printed. This way .. the people watching the clinic could look at the model then up at the screen as I show what had to be adjusted. The purpose then is to give a general guide so they can use this for their own modeling.
boxWith that in mind I picked up a Shadow Box at Michaels. I will build a portion of a building as a partial backdrop .. and place a utility pole with transformers, utility service meter box, load box etc., perhaps another pole carrying telephone/telegraph insulators, some piping from the building. That would be plenty of objects to talk about how they were designed for printing.

The box is 10″ x 10″ x 3-1/2″ .. large enough to contain all of the prints.

ShadowBox_1I used Sketchup to draw up a small flat, a corner, road, alley. I messed around a bit until I was satisfied with a structure. Since it is to act as a backdrop for the 3d prints I was more interested in getting something to fill the box.
Building_1One fo the cool things you can do when designing in Sketchup is you can make copies of the model and spin each face to the camera and then delete all the other ‘bits’.
Building_2With the camera changed from Perspective to Parallel Projection, view to Front you can print these faces to exact size. Pretty cool.
Utility Pole
Not one to go ‘simple’ when I can go ‘complicated’. This design is wonderfully complex since it is a three-phase to provide high-voltage secondaries. I will probably add an additional single-phase transformer – Three-Phase Dual Transformers