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Note: The following links to dealers indicates no preference of mine .. just good pics of the figures.

  • City People : Six different people in various poses. There are two women and four men. One of the men is on a motorcycle and one looks like a mailman.
  • Maintenance Workers : Six different Maitenance Workers is various poses and variations of orange uniforms/clothes. A little white bucket is also included.
  • Construction Workers : Six different worker figures in various poses (all are doing different tasks such as pushing a cart and carrying bundles).
  • Police Squad : Six different Police figures in various poses (3 have blue shirts, 1 has blue shirt with tie and 1 has white shirt and tie).
  • Businessmen : Six figures in different poses.
  • Mechanics : Six figures in different poses.
  • Seated Platform Passengers : Six figures in different poses.
  • Standing Platform Passengers : Six figures in different poses.


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