Traffic Signs

30’s to 40’s With the intention of creating signs for my layout I realize that I had little idea of what such signs looked like in the late 30’s and early 40’s. Let’s see what we can find out then. … Continue reading

Backdrop Corner

The Corner Here, the layout turns 90°. The backdrop is coved here, turning that 90° in about a 7″ radius. The tear is from when I was trying to put the extension in place without any help. The cliffs to … Continue reading


Source The following is taken from “Maintenance of way and structures” by William Clyde Willard published 1915 – page 231 – Chapter XIII – Signs, Fences, and Highway Crossings I will be quoting directly from the text for the most … Continue reading


Modeling Trees: Part One – Broadleaf Trees Within the world of model railroading it seems that “Modeling Trees: part One: Broadleaf Trees” by Gordon Gavett is the “Holy Grail” for those interested in such things. The book is unfortunately out … Continue reading


Furnace Filter Joey Ricard posted a video on making bushes. I tried this .. used a spray adhesive instead of hair spray. Rather like the result. Took this pic .. while the white glue was still drying so I couldn’t … Continue reading


What IS a skid? Generally the definition of a skid seems to be commonly thought to be synonymous with a pallet. A skid is a low mobile platform on which goods are placed for ease of movement, etc. To be … Continue reading

Ground Throw

Whazzup? I have been putting this off since .. forever .. it seems. I need a ground throw for this switch .. so let’s put one in. There isn’t much room as there is a drop-off into the harbor to … Continue reading

Left-Side of Layout

Clinic Building I gave a clinic at the 2016 SER NMRA Convention in Huntsville titled “3D Printing for Modelers“. The building was created to fit within a shadow box for ease of carry and was really just a backdrop for … Continue reading

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