Backdrop Corner

The Corner
stackedHere, the layout turns 90°. The backdrop is coved here, turning that 90° in about a 7″ radius. The tear is from when I was trying to put the extension in place without any help. The cliffs to either side will support a small trestle carrying my On18 line. Notice the bridge down front. I have managed to break off a piece of the railing support which is laying on the pier. *sigh* .. that is only the first part I managed to break.
glued upI printed off a line of bluish, distant mountains; cut them out and glued them to the backdrop. This is where I probably should have left it as it was .. but I can never seem to leave it like that.
Image1I then slappped on various grays and purples. I wasn’t really too concerned with anything other then a suggestion of shapes and colors as this was to be behind everything up front.
Image2I then stacked up some green foam (Red Arrow in case you can’t figure out what gren foam is). The plan was to form this into a hillside with bushes and trees and such to blend into the background.
Image3A rough shaping to get an idea of what I was going to do next
Some Printed Trees
cutoutA search on the internet and I found some treelines. I colored the background a blue that matched the background mountains. This is one of three or four that I printed and then cut out. The edges were then sliced repeatedly with the X-Acto knife so they were frayed. I figured this would allow the printed edges to blend into the background.
stackedHere the background trees have been glued against the bluish mountains. I have carved and painted the foam also. I still need to add another building to fill the space to the left of the little shed.
.. and a tree and vegetation
stackedI formed a tree from twisted wire, bark formed from glue and sawdust .. with a few additional limbs made from some boxwood roots. The small spiky limbs are bits clipped from a halloween wig glued on and then everything painted.
stackedI added a further detail of small ‘branches’ by gluing static grass to the ‘wig branches’. That got sprayed with paint to blend all the colors together and to help seal everything together. Finally I used Noch ‘leaves’. In the photo I’v started to apply the tree and vegetation, rocks, debris to the foam rocks. I will let this dry and then see how it looks on the layout. What can look very ‘in your face’ when looking at the scene by itself .. but can look totally different when viewed in place on the layout.
Image4Coming along nicely. I’m not happy with the foto but it will do for now. I think I need to move the camera in really close for this shot.

On the right side of the corner area .. just to the left of the critter shed you can see a couple of spindly trees. Currently they are just twisted wire with some sawdust glued on. Think I will add a bit more sawdust just to cover the twists .. and color them so they stand out. Perhaps a birch tree .. white with black stripes .. but leave off the leaves mostly.

Note: Going to have to work on the distant bluish mountains some where the paper and the paint meet. Perhaps some bluish texture at that point.

Image5Here’s a better shot showing those spiky trees. The big tree needs some roots .. some brush behind it on the ‘hill’ .. and some static grass in front should pretty much be enough I think. After all .. this is only to blend the foreground and background together.

Huh. The ‘magic’ of close-up photos. I only just now noticed that I need to bring the ground up to meet the bottom of the metal structure inside the critter shed.

Image6I painted the little trees to resemble birches. Since the viewer will be a bit further back then this photo they should work fine. I like the way the white and black makes them ‘pop’.

Thinking I should add a couple on the other side of the hill for interest there.

DIY Buffalo Grass
bushesSince I am almost out of my Silflor Buffalo Grass I decided to ‘roll my own’ .. some non-stick aluminum foil, Aleene’s Tacky Glue and my homemade electronic flyswatter that has metamorphosed into a static grass applicator.
Fini – Sorta Kinda
Image7This is pretty much finished I think. I may add a large tree to the far right so it looms over the critter shed – but that would be more using the foam of the corner piece to secure the tree and not so much part of the ‘hill’.
stackedAt some later time I think I need to add some trees at two places shown here – [1] Here to help blend into the backdrop .. or .. to help hide the backdrop. Not sure which .. but a tree stickup up at this location would work I think. – and – [2] I think a larger tree would fill this area and frame the critter shed.

This is .. later .. once I get caught up on other things.

stackedI’m starting to add in bits and pieces of foam around the foam hill and the bits the structures are sitting on. These I am gluing directly to the layout. The idea is that the structures .. the little hill will fit into ‘sockets’ formed by the pieces of foam I am gluing down. I can take them out to work on them .. or take to a meet somewhere.

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