Left-Side of Layout

Clinic Building
final_900I gave a clinic at the 2016 SER NMRA Convention in Huntsville titled “3D Printing for Modelers“. The building was created to fit within a shadow box for ease of carry and was really just a backdrop for various 3D printed models – Transformers, bushings, insulators, pipe fittings and hydrant. The idea was that talking about 3D printing would be better if the clinician could point out the end results.

I wasn’t sure at first what to do with it after the convention – but yesterday I realized that I could stick it in the left-side of the layout. When I posted a photo to Facebook someone asked ‘how I did it’ etc. I figured that since I would have to add some ‘more structure’ and this would give me a chance for a SBS on the process.

BareSpot_900Here’s where the structure will go. I had originally planned to put another structure there but it didn’t work out like I wanted.

The area needs work of course but that is like always a challenge. I may finish the rock molds I had started a while back.

BareSpotTest_900Here the building is test fitted to where it will go – more or less. Not that much to do with the cliff behind .. most of it will be hidden by the structures.

The building was skewed to fit the shadow box so I need to figure out how to fix that. I think I will add additional building behind the current building – give a ‘reason’ for the skewing. I use ‘reason’ here with a smirk .. very little of my modeling has any reasoning.

Back Building
BitsAndPieces-900The next step will be to get an idea of the size and shape of the building I will have to create to put behind the brick structure. I have found that foam core will work for that both for a quick mock up and the foundation for the model itself.

I made a quick look at the room behind the structure and as quickly cut out sides for something to fill that area. I like cutting taps and slots into the edges of the foam core. This makes a strong joint even before using white glue to secure those joints.

MockUp-900With the tabs/slots I mentioned it is easily then to place the ‘walls’ behind the structure to get an idea of how everything will fit.

Looking at this I am pretty sure I can go ahead and finish up the ‘box’ with a back wall.