Ancient Asphalt

Decaying Road
Had a guy on another forum ask how to model “decaying asphalt” .. his diorama being a ” .. post-apocalyptic Mad Max sort of setting ..”

I was curious and experimented a bit. Poured a thin layer of plaster mix (2 parts plaster and 1 part Spectra Lock Sanded Grout (powder)) into an Aluminum Foil mold.

When it set I glued some wedding veil to the back with yellow glue. That way I could flex and crack it but it would stay attached (more or less). Colored with AI wash. White glue/water to lock in place. Painted gray acrylic, black acrylic wash, sprinkled brown dry tempera paint and scrubbed that into the cracks with a brush and tap water. Sprayed with matt. The car is a 1:48 Matchbox 1912 Simplex straight out of the box. Not too bad for the first experiment .. worth exploring I think.

Another view. While I suppose this Could represent very .. VERY decayed asphalt .. I think it could very well represent a rocky, sand filled area. Throw some vegetation around and this could be very nice.

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