Mercantile Road Pt II

I’ve made two castings. One is plain plaster and the second has grout and fine sifted decomposed granite mixed into the pour. I ended up just using the plain plaster casting .. abrading the surface with a wire brush.
RoadColoredI brushed on a light AI .. but darn it .. came out purplish. That’s one of the problems with so called black inks .. they have a purplish tone that is obvious when thin. I looked at that .. and used SilverWood followed by assorted weathering powders .. white, brown and black.
RoadColored_cuA close-up. I will probably do some additional weathering and coloring using oils once it is in place under the layout lights.
In Place
InPlace_1Here I’ve laid the road out where it will go. Notice how it fits when the slope changes .. I simply pressed down until it ‘snapped’ into place.
InPlace_2A look down the length of the road.

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