Pump House Road

Well .. finally got around to making a road from the Pump House to .. the world. I actually had to wait until I got the track in .. but with that done .. I had no more excuses.

I used some tin foil to make a quick mold and poured in a plaster mix.

I used a DAP product called “Wepatch 90”. Just something I had. It’s Gypsum based .. a Floor Leveler and Patch .. and .. “can also be used to patch drywall and plaster” .. figured .. ‘what the hey’. I scattered some sand and dry sweep I had used earlier for ballast along with some larger pieces of the dry sweep (clay) into the aluminum mold and then poured in the plaster. I laid a strip of Tulle on top of the plaster and poked and prodded it until it was immersed int he plaster. This will act as a hinge to some extent so I can mash and crack the plaster and it will stay together .. more or less.

In this photo I sprayed some AI wash on .. wasn’t sure what the road would be but I guess it’s gonna be concrete. It might look excessively damaged but .. hey .. that gives a ‘base’ for further patching with asphalt.

Road Crossing
I used some masking tape to set where the edges were and used some Patching Plaster I had to make the part that actually goes across the tracks. I figured this would most likely be asphalt. The groves for the wheels where cut by simply dragging a thin ruler alongside the rail. You can see the ‘concrete’ road behind (some of it).

Huh. The On18 bridge is nothing but track hanging in the air, the pump house is partilay completed and the river is sill a coating of Polycrylic .. oh .. and no dam. This was a while back.

Lower Road and Crossing
Here we go .. glued down the lower road and colored the crossing. The road is REALLY in distress .. but I’m planning to patch it with asphalt so it won’t be that bad eventually. The crossing .. used some sanded grout … uhh .. sand, mixed with some FolkArt dark gray acrylic and alcohol into a slurry and ‘painted’ that over the patching plaster base.
Testing the road
Quite a bumpy ride at the moment .. but impossible even without patching ..

Ok. Here’s my view on it. When a road is new it is probably nice and smooth and all that. Now .. as years pass, the ground will slowly heave through winters and summers .. ground will settle or rise. While that is going on through the years the road is constantly patched and filled. You end up with bits and pieces of the original road inter-spaced with different patches. To me .. if you could magically remove all the patches and filling .. you would have something like I have here .. the ‘skeleton’ on the road .. as it were.

Leaving the World
The road turns to the left after crossing the tracks and leaves the world (well .. runs off the layout). I used black foamboard to set the height of the road when it crosses the fascia .. or .. where the fascia was. Once everything is finished I will cut a new fascia board to fit the new profile.


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