Pump House Road – Part II

Stonework – First Try
One of the things that ‘old hands’ will say is .. “Go ahead. Try it. If it doesn’t work .. you can always do it over.” I decided that I would carve a random stone support for the part of the road leaving the layout. Some scraps of the black foamboard formed the sides and then I simply ‘slathered’ on plaster. Here I just started getting a ‘general shape’ to the stones. Lots more carving/touching up to do yet before I even would start to think of color.
.. and some color
Well. I wiped on some diluted acrylic for color .. and .. wasn’t happy with the results. The stonework up around the top end looked like something created by Salvador Dali. Oh well .. whipped out several implements of destruction and started carving ..
Carve and Color some more
Ahh. Much better. Like I said .. if you are not happy with the result .. then do it over until you are .. happy that is. A little carving of the ‘slumping’ stone .. coloring of individual stones and it was a lot better.
.. and the other side
Not much to see in this photo of the stonework on this side but you get a good view of the road surface and track ballast (such as it is)
.. that broken road surface …
Finally a look back at that crazy broken up road. This is after I filled in around all the broken bits. I think it represents pretty much what I wanted so am happy with the result.

A year later …
The rest of the project was done last year. Since that time the modules went to the Narrow Gauge Convention in North Carolina and back. The pump house and coke ovens are finished .. more or less. I still need to add trash and debrie in the area .. the usual .. ‘never completed’. Still .. here’s a look at the road as it is now.

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