Caddo Creek Brownstone

NE Brownstone
wallThe New England Brownstone Company produces plaster castings representing things like New England Brownstone walls. I purchased the large dry stacked wall to experiment with – which I will use in this thread.

I have been trading emails and modeling ‘stuff’ with Russell Greene for a while. When I placed an order for the stacked wall he added a couple extra castings .. a section of the same wall and a piece of brick. I will be using that stacked wall section here.

Where to put the wall
Working_1Looking around I thought that the rock wall across from the pump house would be a good place for a wall. We don’t want that nasty rock crumbling into the water and possibly damaging the turbine.
Working_2Here – I’m holding the piece of stacked wall approximately where it will go.
Working_4The rock is made from STYROFOAM™ brand rigid blue foam insulation board. One of the nice things about this is how easy it is to modify later – a chisel .. X-Acto knife .. heck .. even a thumbnail works.

Here – I’m hacking and slicing to fit the wall into the cliff face. Notice that I snapped off the end of the wall piece I had.

Working_5.. and here that extra piece I snapped off has been stuck back. I glued the bit I had broken off at an angle .. much like a wing wall .. just to add a little interest.
Working_6Russell has a guide to painting the walls – How to Paint Plaster Stonework – which I followed pretty much.

I sealed the plaster with a light coat of a flat white. I did this because I glued the small wing onto the wall and filled the joint and carved out the joints a bit. Once that dried I used a cheap craft acrylic gray diluted well with water to get away from the white to a gray.

Working_7Next – I took a FolkArt 2558 Cinnamon with water and a kitchen sponge to add blotches of color here and there.
Working_8bA little dark wash in the grout lines to enhance them some. I cheated and used some brown and dark MIG washes. Here, testing in place. Next will be to blend it into the surrounding rock.
Working_9Technical term – I mixed up plaster, added a little brown powdered Tempera, covered the wall in plastic wrap and ‘Glopped’ it in place. I’ll let that set-up over night and turn it into rock tomorrow.
~ Finished – sorta
Working_11Finished up for .. now. I will add some color to individual stones later on .. figured to get the wall under the layout lights fist so I can make the colors work.


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