Flexible Rock Casting

The Idea
I was discussing my layered rock mold with Ian Hodgkiss aka artizen and he mentioned that he had been looking for a way of creating more realistic Welsh slate drystone walls. I replied that .. I had posted up a thread on making cracked-asphalt using a flexible backing with some wedding-veil .. and that it might be a way to do that with the rock mold ..
I was looking at the mold .. and had an Epiphany .. or could have been gas .. but .. why not use the mold .. fill just the bottom of it and slap in some weddin-veil .. !!!

.. a little plaster and some wedding-veil

Flex it
Flexing the casting cracks it open. With the tule (wedding veil material) acting as a ‘hinge’ .. everything stays in place. The only problem is the white plaster showing in the cracks. I think pre-coloring the plaster would eliminate that problem.
Flexing the casting in this direction is much easier then along the long direction since it ‘hinges’ in the same direction the layers run.
I’m just twisting the casting .. now ‘cracked’ both horizontally and vertically .. demonstrating the flexosity.
Front View
After you ‘un-flex’ the casting the cracks close up. Sweet.
Seriously Flexible
What you end up with is a flexible plaster rock casting .. allowing it to fit better to terrain. The same idea could be applied to other things .. such as roads. Worth thinking about.


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