Styrofoam Rocks – Part II

Implements of Destruction cont.
Take a breath and look at what you have. Hmmm .. that top surface looks just too ‘purty’
Took the knife and dragged it across the surface .. ‘scrubbing’
Continued with the blade held vertically to the surface. This causes the blade to jump and vibrate creating more texture. You could also use a spoon for this (meaning .. anything. Ok. Not the cat.)
Good Nuff
Ok already with the carving, chipping, gouging etc.
I used Spackle to hide the joints between the foam layers. I wanted that to go-away mostly. I wasn’t .. ummm .. to get rid of all of the joints .. after all in nature there will be visible layer separation .. but .. often those are filled in by rock and dirt.

Note the use of the ‘high-tech’ Spackling device ..

I let it sit for a while and set up at this point. Just step back and admire your work! Note that I have Spackle across the ‘rock’ face. Shrug. Texture .. interest. It’s all good.


Styrofoam Rocks – Part II — 2 Comments

  1. Hi ,Looks realy great,heaps better to work with than that white stuff ? I am impressed by your out come of various ways of working the blue foam.

    cheers Ros

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