Styrofoam Rocks – Part III

Latex Paint
Dave Frary has instructions on using his rock molds ..

Using Your Blue Ribbon Rock Molds

I use a different process then Dave does but followed his recipe for making up a basic earth color. You mix 1/3 of your latex paint and the rest water. The paint? I just had the cheapest flat latex mixed up at Lowes. I picked out what looked like a yellowish / tarnish color. No biggie .. just don’t make it too dark. Me .. I darken mine as it goes. You can use almost any light color you wish since you will be staining later.

On an aside: That’s a ‘Chip Brush’ I am using. I picked up a box of them at Harbor Freight ‘on the cheap’. Great for stuff like this.

Sifting on Tempera Paint
Next wanted to add some color. I used a tea strainer to sift brown tempera paint (powdered) over the surface. This is just a random sifting .. wherever .. (I love this stuff)
Spray with water ..
Spraying with water washes the tempera into the cracks and crevices .. and will be pretty much random. You have some control .. just have to play with it a bit. Do this until you get happy feet ..
Here it is after it has dried. Note that it will lighten a bit when dry. The effect is like throwing paint on a canvas .. the results are random and unexpected. This is what we want .. nature is random.
AI Wash
Next we need to start creating shadow. Spray the whole thing with an AI wash. Here’s a nice article on making/using it – Tips: India Ink & Alcohol Weathering from Willoughby Junction.


Styrofoam Rocks – Part III — 4 Comments

  1. Ed, I may be the LAST modeler on Earth, who hasn’t even tried Tempera Paint!! 😛 That’s a terrific technique for color. I imagine that one could even sprinkle multiple colors/shades as well. Is there some kind of technique to make running or streaking color with the Tempera Paint?

    • Carmine. You have probably used it when a kid. This is the large, bright colors of paints that kids have used in grade school for years.

      There is the liquid type most common such at Michaels. There are all kinds of colors available in the powdered version .. a quick search online you can find them .. so yeah .. you could go crazy with trying different colors.

      What I do is dip a brush into the powder .. hover over when I want it .. and tap the brush to sift the powder over the area … or flick it sideways for vertical surfaces .. tapping against the fingers of my other hand. I then take a spray bottle of water and that lets the color run down the crevices, cracks etc.

  2. Yeah I might have. .. but 1969 is a LONG time ago! Have you tried the powder to tint plaster?
    I like the idea of “chip proof” rock work and roads.

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