What IS a skid?
Generally the definition of a skid seems to be commonly thought to be synonymous with a pallet. A skid is a low mobile platform on which goods are placed for ease of movement, etc. To be more clear – a skid is more commonly defined as a single deck pallet – one that has a top deck but not a bottom one.

The modern pallet turns up in a patent for pallets on November 7, 1939. Pallets had been developed in specific cases before that by adding a bottom deck to a skid.

What this means is that – while specific individual companies MAY have a pallet of their own design we can be pretty sure that a “low mobile platform on which goods are placed” used on a layout prior to WWII will be pretty much a skid.

The design
skidI used a photograph of a skid along with mentions of common dimensions and made one up in Sketchup. Since this was developed from a photograph and common dimensions the ones shown here are ‘nominal’.
skid2All measurements shown here are O Scale.

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